Auditing & Inspections


Work Health and Safety Australia Consultancy is pleased to offer comprehensive safety audits completed by highly qualified industry specialists which cover a wide range of safety assessments. Health and safety auditing is a proactive approach to ensuring your organisations Safety Systems are effective and comply with current WH&S legislation. Safety auditing is a systematic, ongoing and periodic review of the entire workplace, or targeted look at specific aspects requiring review.

Audits are conducted to determine the effectiveness of management systems, provide an objective measure of safety performance, define areas that warrant improvement, and provides information on workplace practices, managing risks and complying with the legislation. Health and safety audit provides an organisation with a catalyst for positive change through setting clear direction towards achieving positive safety goals, and can be used to establish standards against which future audits can be measured. A WH&S audit provides an objective outlook of the status of workplace health and safety management within the workplace.

Following completion an Audit you will be provided with a detailed Audit Report of all findings, highlighting company strengths and providing a list of prioritised recommendations for improvement. All audits can be modified and tailored to address the specific needs of your organisation and include clear guidance with photographic documentation to assist safety personnel in managing workplace improvements.

      Audits available include:

  • AS 4801 & AS 4804 – OHS Management Systems Audit
  • Legislative Compliance Audits & Due Diligence
  • Hazard specific Audits (ie. confined space, working at heights, etc.)THE TOTAL SAFETY EXPERTS
  • Compliance Implementation Audits
  • Project Safety Audits
  • Contractor Compliance Audits
  • Safe Act Audits
  • Emergency Preparedness & Response Audit
  • Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods Audit
  • Machine Guarding Audits
  • Manual Handling Audits
  • Warehouse Safety Audits
  • Retail and Public Safety Audits
  • Occupational Health Audits
  • And many more

Safety Management System (SMS) Audits & Gap Analysis

Safety Management Systems are an integral part of every business and provide a systematic, explicit and comprehensive process for managing safety risks. They are designed to integrate with other management systems and establish the framework of compliance with WHS legislation. Woven into the fabric of an organization, an SMS becomes part of the culture, the way people do their jobs.

Management systems audits have a wider scope, and address various areas including Hazards, Risk Assessments, Risk Controls, Incident management, Job safety Analysis, Safe Work Method Statements, and Safe working procedures (see SMS Systems for more info). It also looks at workplace structures, planning activities, responsibilities, implemented procedures, review cycles, and measurement/evaluation issues. As such, the SMS is a planned, documented and verifiable method of managing WHS to ensure the safety of staff, visitor, contractors, and the company as a whole.

This Audit Report looks at 25 various categories across all areas pertaining to safety and aims to:

  • Assess compliance of the management system with the following, (but not limited to):
    • Work Health & Safety Act 2011
    • Work Health & Safety Regulation 2011
    • Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008
    • Electrical Safety Act 2002 & Regulations 2013
    • AS 4801 – Safety Management Systems
    • AS 4360 – Risk Management
    • Various Codes of Practice both in QLD & Nationally
    • Relevant Australian / New Zealand Standards
  • Ensure the management system is aimed at controlling/improving WHS performance and reducing the risk of work related injuries and illnesses.
  • Broadly review the level of existing WHS performance and operational controls.
  • Provide feedback to facilitate the development of a WHS management system


Workplace inspections assist organisations and workers in the effective use of their facilities, equipment, tools, materials and how employees and contractors use them.

Inspections are a important element in an effective hazard management system and aid in the identification risk and potential safety improvements. Inspections are a screening activity designed to assist management who may miss hazards in the workplace through familiarity or lack of time. Workplace inspections are customised to suit the needs of the company, work site, and equipment.

WHSAC offer a wide variety of standard inspection checklists to test the physical compliance of the work environment and potential hazards of the workplace. In addition to specifically itemised inspection checklists, our experts with work with you to develop comprehensive quarterly/annual workplace inspection checklists to manage potential risks and meet all legislated requirements.

To discuss the audit and inspection options suitable for your workplace please contact our experts for further information.