Fire Equipment Testing & Inspection

maintenance-tag-937x300-61Work Health and Safety Australia Consultancy is pleased to offer a wide range of inspection and testing services for all fire safety and fire fighting equipment for both personal use and commercial workplaces. WHSAC has experience and professional expertise in all facets of portable, passive and fixed fire protection systems. We ensure all your fire protection equipment operates effectively and complies with all relevant Australian legislation and industry standards.

The Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 requires periodic inspection, testing and maintenance for all fire protection and fire fighting equipment. Ensuring the reliability and performance of fire protection systems as they age is crucial in meeting fire safety design objectives.


To comply with all Australian Standards, testing and inspection of all fire safety equipment must be carried out by a competent person with relevant qualifications. Our experts provide the knowledge and expertise to ensure your fire safety is maintained to the highest level. To maintain compliance, we provide a detailed registry of all equipment, test results, and due dates, as well as follow up reminders of next test (sms, email, or call).

Testing & Inspection Frequency

Testing and inspection frequencies vary based upon the equipment utilised. The following chart (click here) is the tolerance frequencies allowed for fire maintenance services as per Australian Standard 1851 – 2012.

Fire Extinguisher Selection

It is essential to recognise the different types of fire hazards. The correct treatment for one may be disastrous for another. WHSAC can advise which extinguisher is required for your workplace. The following chart (click here) provides information on the various types of fire extinguishers and appropriate use.

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