Safety Consulting

How Well is Your Safety Managed?

Is safety managed adequately? Do all work activities comply with relevant legislation?

Does your company have a health & safety management system that enable you to:

  • Complete all required tender information easily and effectively?
  • Compete for work with local, state and federal government, mining and construction companies?
  • Comply with client requirements?
  • Identify hazards and risks to safety and health?
  • Carry out safety inspections and deal with non-compliance?
  • Train and induct employees and subcontractors?
  • Choose subcontractors with appropriate qualifications, experience and insurances?
  • Ensure sub-contractors work safety?
  • Effectively deal with injuries, incidences and emergencies?
  • Maintain adequate WH&S records?

If you answered NO, then WHSAC is here to help you! Take the Workplace Safety System Quiz to see how your business complies and what WHSAC can do for you.

10 Reasons to use a Safety Consultant:

  1. Personnel may quit at short notice and leave the Employer without appropriate systems or information, ie. A plan of what has already been achieved and what is yet to be completed. Training of new safety personnel is time that could be better spent on safety improvements.

  2. A Safety consultant can get you started on the right track from the outset and tie together your existing safety practices to create a workable System for everyone within the organisation. They can also teach your Managers and Supervisors how to manage safety and share the load.

  3. A Safety Consultant will come to you with in depth experience, vast knowledge, and access to adequate resources while staying abreast of ever changing Legislation.

  4. A Safety Consultant has access to specific resources including a team of professionals with varying safety qualifications and knowledge to implementation sound Safety Principles at a high Standard.

  5. This wealth of experience and knowledge saves businesses thousands of hours of research and development, saving time, money, claims, or fines. They get it right the first time and are always on hand when required.

  6. Consultants can evoke a positive safety culture – it’s about getting home safely. Employees tend to act on Consultants’ recommendations. Goals and Objectives are set with milestones achieved in a set time frame.

  7. Safety Consultants carry subscriptions to relevant bodies, maintain abreast of current developments in Legislation and share effective ideas observed at other workplaces.

  8. Safety Consultants understand that Safety is not your key business activity…you have a business to run and they can focus full time on your safety needs.

  9. Insurance benefits may arise from working with a professional on your Risk Management Program and Employer costs are reduced as Consultants are contractors (no payroll liabilities).

  10. A Consultant can provide quarterly or annual reviews to provide guidance to in-house safety personnel and keep your system up to date and fresh.