Fire Safety Advisor



Work Health & Safety Australia Consultancy is pleased to offer Fire Safety Advisor (FSA) services and consulting. Our expert FSA’s provide accurate and up to date fire evacuation and management advice to both private properties and commercial workplaces.  Fire Safety Advisers are experts in their field. We work with you to achieve positive outcomes and compliance with regulatory authorities and fire safety.

WHSAC recommends that all businesses implement comprehensive and rugged measures to ensure maximum safety during an emergency. The Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 requires every ‘High Occupancy Building’ to be equipped with a designated and trained Fire Safety Advisor. While building owners and occupiers hold the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that legislative requirements are met, the Fire Safety Advisor may be an independent contractor able to provide expert advise with real world experience and expertise. Click on the link to see more information regarding ‘High Occupancy Buildings‘.

As your FSA, our main role is to provide qualified advice to all owners, managers, and staff on all aspects of emergency procedures, from preparation to actual response, and even to post-emergency analysis.We take the hassle out of maintaining your emergency planning and procedure requirements. 

Our Services Include:

  • Set up and maintenance of your Emergency Planning obligations
  • Review compliance against standards, legislative requirements and company policies
  • Annual compliance programs
  • Post event debriefing
  • General consulting and advice
  • Familiarity with ALL aspects of Fire Safety for the site
  • Provide fire safety advice to building owners, managers and staff
  • Manage the fire safety record keeping or the building:
    • Fire safety installations
    • Emergency Control Organisations (ECO – Warden Teams)
    • Coordinate with Queensland (QFES) during building inspections
    • Attend maintenance and training initiatives
  • Attend training and skills retention activities:
    • Coordinate evacuation exercises
    • Provide first response evacuation training
    • Provide ECO training
  • Develop and maintain emergency procedures and emergency evacuation signage
  • Undertake risk assessment and control measures

Emergency Planning Services

Our FSA’s will assist in the development of emergency plans and response procedures. These documents are customised to suit your site’s specific requirements, and provide in-depth documentation to comply with Regulatory Authorities and Legislative Requirements.


Evacuation Diagrams and Signs

Our fire safety signs and diagrams are customise  to include your company branding and include specific information relevant to your workplace and environment, with all of the required compliance elements. Our Emergency Evacuation Diagrams and Signs are professionally produced and easy to read to ensure everyone can safely exit the buildings in the event of an emergency.

For further information about our Fire Safety Advisor services please contact us.