Code of Practice

Standards of Service Delivery
Work Health and Safety Australia Consultancy
 is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of professionalism and industry standards to maximise our health and safety services. We strive to engage all stakeholders in the assessment and development of all safety solutions to ensure you receive a unique safety package tailored to suite the every changing needs of your workplace. All our safety experts are highly qualified and experienced in all aspects of work health and safety. We pride ourselves on remaining up to date on all relevant legislation and safety standards to ensure you receive current, relevant and appropriate advise at all time.

All our workplace training course include all relevant text, materials, tuition and certification (if relevant). Our instructor utilise a mix of overhead projection videos, PowerPoint presentation and hands on practical exercises. Students are engage in practical components of their course to practice relevant techniques and increase learning outcomes. We employ personnel with appropriate qualifications and real life experience to deliver and facilitate the training and assessment relevant to the courses offered.

Quality Management
Work Health and Safety Australia Consultancy
is committed to providing quality service and focuses on continuous improvement. We welcome all feedback from clients and staff. This productive feedback allows us to incorporate any improvements gained into future programs.